Graduated The University of Texas at Arlington, in Interdisciplinary Studies: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Science Management. Bachelor of Science.
Founder and CEO at A.I.Medicine, LLC.
Founder and CEO at Fantastique Co., Ltd.
Secretariat and Advisor at Hospitality Medical Conference

Tetsuaki Matsunawa received his ME degree in electro-photo optics engineering from Tokai University
and his PhD degree in computer science from University of Tsukuba in 2005 and 2008, respectively.
In 2008, he joined Toshiba Corporation as an optical lithography engineer.
He is currently working as a research scholar in electrical computer engineering at the University of Texas at Austin,
where he is involved in research of design for manufacturability.

Studied music (composition) for 15 years.
Majored in Education/Psychology/Sociology at college.
Studied and practiced macrobiotic cooking in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Jerusalem, New York.
Back in Japan, worked for the YMCA and other organizations as a Japanese/English instructor, translator/interpreter.
Managed translation/bilingual customer service projects.
Currently provide consulting/translation/education services mainly in the information security/privacy protection area.
Director at Japan Society of Security Management (
Member of Singularity Research Working Group at Japan Network Security Association (

M.E. of Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo in 1982.
Studied artificial intelligence at Stanford University in 1988-1989.
Developed Data Flow Computer, Aerospace System, etc.
Executive Consultant of Ricoh Information Security Research Center, Ricoh Japan Corporation.
Leader of Singularity Research Working Group at Japan Network Security Association.
Books: “46 Actually Happened Information Security Incidents“, “Introduction to Nessus“.
Certifications: CISSP, CISA, Information Security Administrator, Network Specialist, etc.